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version 4.10.8 ( updated 09-20-2021 )
– Fixed blog module media post type does not load any content.
– Fixed mobile menu does not showing when section or row settings has border radius.
– Enabled waypoint transitions effect for responsive images switch on hover and window resize event.
– Fixed some font icons were not rendered properly on the frontend.
– Fixed image upload control icons being visible still even after image upload modal was closed.
– Fixed Dynamic CSS files not be enqueued when the Divi Theme name was changed in the style.css file.
– Fixed an issue with the Blurb module where the wrong display set was set when the image/icon position was set to top.
– Introduced et_builder_disable_jquery_body that can be used (as an HTML comment, ID, class, etc.) along with the script in cases where the script conflicts with Enqueue jQuery Compatibility Script.
– Fixed incompatibility issues related to Defer jQuery optimization and some WP Plugins.
– Fixed JS errors when using slick.js with Defer jQuery options enabled.
– Fixed gutter and grid styles issues on late detection.
– Fixed Gallery Image placeholder not shown in TB mode.
– Fixed dynamic CSS styles not working correctly when previewing a page.
– Fixed gutter width 1 margin styles not working correctly on custom taxonomies when viewing on tablet or below.
– Fixed some default preset attributes not working properly.
– Fixed Dynamic Assets not working correctly when the Divi Builder Plugin was used with a parent Theme and Child Theme.
– Fixed a bug that caused Google Fonts to not be retrieved from the fonts cache.
– Fixed blog module media post type image not displaying.
– Introduced a new ‘et_core_static_file_created’ action hook that fires when a page resource (css/js) is created.
– Fixed Export of the layouts with Global Colors from the Library.
– Fixed product category CSS not being cleared correctly when saving a Theme Builder layout.
– Fixed an issue with the Theme Customizer footer widget heading styles not applying on the new widget blocks.

version 4.10.7 ( updated 09-09-2021 )
– Fixed local library update in Visual Builder after saving Global Module.
– Fixed Global Colors rendering for child modules in Visual Builder.
– Fixed bug with the Text Align option for tablets and phones in Menu Module.
– Fixed image border styles inside the post content module not applying correctly.
– Fixed a bug introduced in Chrome 93 that affected flip animations with all directions but center.
– Fixed an issue with the Fullwidth Portfolio module where the image border styles didn’t work correctly due to missing default style for borders.
– Fixed missing styles when using Mod PageSpeed.
– Fixed issue with styles from theme builder layouts not taking affect in certain cases.

version 4.10.6 ( updated 09-02-2021 )
– Fixed the logic to check if a module is inside of a sticky module.
– Fixed Dynamic CSS and Style.css no being wrapped correctly on custom post type archive pages.
– Fixed a case where Critical CSS could end being printed in the wrong position.
– Reduced feature manger post meta cache footprint.
– Fixed a bug where the Email Optin module subscribe loader couldn’t be loaded due to the wrong path being set.
– Fixed Padding and Margin values from presets applying issues in some cases.
– Fixed Shop module default sorting selection in Order menu.
– Fixed white header background color being applied to the Extra header when Dynamic CSS was enabled.
– Fixed broken gallery widget styles when using Dynamic CSS.
– Fixed compatiblity issue with Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid Plugin.
– Fixed broken WooCommerce gallery module styles when the module layout was set to grid mode.
– Fixed missing icon padding in the menu module.
– Fixed incompatibilty with Modern Events Calendar Lite Plugin.
– Fixed incompatibility with M Chart Plugin.
– Fixed an issue with the Woo Gallery module where the Magnific Popup styles were not included on custom post types.
– Fixed the margin value of the last module in a column when the parent row uses a custom gutter width.
– Fixed SVGs not being the right size on the front-end when used in Image or Blurb module.
– Fixed an issue with Gravity Forms Signature Add-On.
– Fixed broken Theme Builder styles on custom post type taxonomies due to cached CSS that wasn’t being cleared correctly.

version 4.10.5 ( updated 08-27-2021 )
– Fixed issue with “Use Theme Styles” option in GB editor Preference settings not disabling styles in editor.
– Fixed scroll to section anchor position when css positioning is fixed for multiple sections.
– Addressed Defer jQuery optimization breaking some Plugins and online services.
– Fixed broken icon font when et-pb-icon class was used in custom HTML post content.
– Fixed some cases where the wrong Gutter styles would be applied.
– Fixed a bug that could cause Custom Page CSS to have higher priority than Builder CSS.
– Fixed broken gutter widths on pages that had invalid gutter width values of “0” stored in the shortcode.
– Fixed Search, Calendar, and Tag Cloud block based widget style issues.
– Addressed incompatibility issue with OptimizePress plugin and jQuery optimizations.
– Fixed a PHP warning that may occur in some cases where Global Presets is an array instead of an object.
– Fixed a PHP notice that may occur when exporting layouts.
– Fixed header not being full-width when set to position: fixed.
– Fixed Search, Calendar, and Tag Cloud block based widget style issues.
– Fixed unwanted comment list bullet points on posts using a theme builder body template.
– Dequeued the main stylesheet instead of just deregistering it.

version 4.10.4 ( updated 08-23-2021 )
– Fixed incorrect video slider height.
– Fixed broken WooCommerce gallery shortcode lightbox styles.
– Fixed inner rows in specialty sections not inheriting parent gutter width value.
– Fixed broken blog module grid columns in the Divi Builder plugin.
– Fixed “Defer jQuery And jQuery Migrate” feature sometimes breaking Integration Code.
– Fixed broken Divi Theme Header and Divi Theme Footer RTL styles.

version 4.10.3 ( updated 08-20-2021 )
– Fixed broken search and cart icon styles in the fullwidth menu module.
– Fixed conflict with Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin plugin.
– Fixed some latest JS optimization being incompable with certain Popular Caching Plugin.
– Fixed filters not working on hover state and mobile.
– Fixed issue with renamed CTA.php file being duplicated in some cases.
– Fixed a php warning related to preset attributes.

version 4.10.2 ( updated 08-19-2021 )
– Fixed broken header and footer styles on custom post types such as WooCommerce products.
– Fixed some columns not extending full width on mobile breakpoint.
– Fixed Google recaptcha badge visibility.
– Fixed width property not being computed on FE if it’s set to 100%.
– Fixed missing text overlay styles in the slider module.
– Introduces new filter to allow 3rd-party developers filter global assets on late processing.
– Fixed dynamic icon’s default value when 3p modules are present.
– Fixed a minor PHP warning appearing on front end pages when no builder presets were available.
– Fixed broken module styles on custom post types when using the Divi Builder Plugin with Dynamic CSS.
– Fixed incorrect text transformations being applied to Code Modules.
– Fixed an error that could happen when using SiteGround Plugin JS Combine feature.
– Fixed error on heartbeat ajax call due to extension registers custom module which extends official module which ends up requiring function and class in unexpected call.
– Fixed broken builder due to class-et-builder-element.php is not loaded by autoload when it is needed; Mostly when third party module is called in unexpected location.
– Fixed styles that were missing for the standard WordPress gallery shortcode.
– Fixed child theme styles not being enqueued correctly in some cases.

version 4.10.1 ( updated 08-18-2021 )
– Fixes PHP errors on save occurring with some 3rd Party Divi Extensions.
– Fixed woff2 fonts not being used in favor of ttf fonts.
– Fixed responsive text alignment options not working.
– Fixes issue with 3rd Part Divi Extensions not loading in some cases.
– Fixed JavaScript error when motion effects was used in some cases.
– Fixed the cart icon not being clickable in the main navigation bar.
– Fixed issue where the Main Navigation was duplicated if the primary menu bar background is transparent.

version 4.10 ( updated 08-18-2021 )
– Added new performance features that speed up Divi from every angle and eliminate bloat.
– Fixed an issue that was causing errors on VB while parsing Google Fonts data from cache.